Bonding domains – an association of several sites in one search engine index. Site mirrors are generally of resources that takes place redirect. In the process of splicing is a transfer of weight referring domain to the domain to which the user is redirected. In order to find out what domain skleyan, I use the browser plug-RDS bar, if the domain is glued together, then that’s how it is displayed:

RDS icon at gluing

When necessary bonding domain? Bonding sites is needed if you want to change the domain names and keep the audience visitors, reference weight and the position of the grant, as well as TIC and PR.

In addition, bonding is needed in the case when you need to leave to issue only one spelling domain – WWW or without WWW available in several mirror sites. Another bonding domains is required if you set a goal to combine these sites, while retaining their audience and performance of one of the sites. On the same site link domain names resonate with the core.

Terms gluing domains. There are two ways of gluing the domains, which are conveniently used together. For Yahoo and Google, we need to make gluing using 301 redirect th, while Yandex identifies the main mirror site through the directive “code”, registered in the file Robots.txt.

Therefore, if you need to glue your domain for all systems of search engines use two methods simultaneously.

Glue the two sites for Yandex is possible through a directive in host Robots.txt. This file is in the root directory of your site. And even if you believe that your site is one of a kind and that he alone, still use the directive host. This is important, because you still have two mirrors: the first with www, the second – without the www. Prescribe a robots.txt following:

You need to make a successful website promotion, and for this it is important that the weight of the links, users affix accumulated it on your website. No matter how domain names are located and how users will put the link with or without www.

Another effective way to redirect – redirect it using the status code “301”. Desired document finally moved to a different url. To use this redirect ht access our redirect 301. If the file is not found in the root directory of your site, you can create it using Notepad. In this case, note that ht access – this is not the extension of the file and its name.

How to check gluing domains? Check domain already glued in several ways. For example, you search Google for Ā«info: name of the site” or go to the web-master Yandex and see what the main mirror site search engine Yandex identified. Or, as I said at the very beginning of the article – with the help of various plug-ins to the browser.

An alternative way to test gluing domain – use the service site analysis. Google search produces it for about two weeks with preservation of all traffic, while Yandex, connects sites in search engines for much longer.

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